What are S0C1, S0C4, S0C5, S0C7 ABENDs??

1.S0C1 (Operation Exception Error) – May be due to Missing or misspelled DD name ,Read/Write to unopened dataset ,Reading a dataset opened output mode ,Writing into a dataset opened input mode ,Called  subprogram not found
2.S0C4 may be due to Missing Select statement (during compile) ,Bad Subscript/index ,Protection Exception,Missing parameters on called subprogram ,Read/Write to unopened file ,Move data from/to unopened file;
3.S0C5 May be due to Bad Subscript/index ,Close an unopened dataset ,Bad exit from a perform ,Access to I/O area (FD) before read;
4.S0C7 may be due to Numeric operation on non-numeric data ,Un-initialized working storage ,Coding past the maximum allowed subscript
5.S0CB might be due to 1.Division by Zero

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